Review over “Play Color Eyes – In the Cafe” palette from Etude House

Hey guys,

I am back with a highly requested review. This review is over the eyeshadow palette from the “Play Color Eyes” collection by Etude House. The eyeshadow palette that I have is in the shade, “In the Café”. I decided to purchase this palette because I am OBSESSED with coffee and anything coffee-related. Plus, the packaging is very cute, so I couldn’t resist. Let me review over the THREE basics for every makeup item – packaging, pigmentation/formula, and price point!




After opening the package, I found this packaging to be sleek and very travel-friendly. It comes with two eyeshadow sponge applicators (which to be honest, I don’t care for very much, I usually apply my eyeshadows with brushes anyways). Inside, there is a mirror, which is a plus! I also like the neutral eyeshadow range (a good amount of mattes, lots of transition shades, and a few gorgeous shimmery shades). One thing that I did notice was that the name of the shades was on a plastic slip cover than on the actual palette itself. It would be nice if they did print the names on the palette, however, it’s not mandatory. Another suggestion regarding the packaging was that I prefer some of my eyeshadow shades to go from lightest to darkest, but again, this is just out of personal preference.



After swatching these, I found that the pigmentation is not very persistent throughout all of the shades. Some of the shades swatched very nicely, and others looked either chalky or streaky. I noticed that the shimmery shades, like in most eyeshadow palettes, had the best pigmentation.


“Play Color Eyes – In the Cafe” palette WITHOUT primer; top picture with flash, bottom picture without flash

With this palette, for the best color payoff, I would suggest using an eye primer or a makeup setting spray. After swatching this with primer, some of the colors turned out much more pigmented and vibrant.


“Play Color Eyes – In the Cafe” WITH primer; top picture with flash; bottom picture without flash


Price Point

Without any discounts, this palette is normally roughly about $27 to $28 USD, making this about $2.80 per shade. However, I got mine from EBay for about $17, from an authorized, authentic Korean seller. I think that the price point is NOT bad at all, considering that you get 10 shades. I also think that it’s roughly the average price for most eyeshadow palettes nowadays.



Is this eyeshadow palette an iconic palette that could be used for various skin tones and for everyday wear compared to such eyeshadow palettes like Urban Decay’s Naked palette? To be quite honest, I don’t think so. Is this a mandatory eyeshadow palette? I don’t really think so either. Is it highly pigmented? Not so much, since some shadows are more pigmented than others.


However, I must say, this eyeshadow palette is fairly cute, and makes a great gift for coffee-lovers. Plus, if you are in need for a cute, neutral palette, I think that this is a steal! So far, it has been my daily go-to eyeshadow palette. The packaging, range of colors, and price point makes this a worthy palette to have! Plus, if I am correct, this is a limited-edition palette, so I would recommend on getting your hands on it if you want!

Where I purchased my palette from – EBay

Where you can also purchase the palette from – Etude House – Online Store

NOTE – If you love the shade range and or packaging, but cannot afford this palette, another palette that I would recommend with very similar shades is the ELF Eyeshadow “Need it Nude” palette. It is $10 at most, although ELF has many site-wide sales and flash sales, so you can get it for even cheaper than that!

I hope that you all found this review particularly useful! If you all would like for me to review other products, please let me know in the comments down below!


Much love and until next time,



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